Kevin Robinson has spent nearly two decades building and implementing marketing and communications plans as well as supporting and building fundraising strategies for a $150-million, integrated health system and a $45 million youth services agency with offices that span New York State.

Kevin also has extensive experience as a journalist, technical writer, and website developer and has led government relations campaigns for both state and national issues.

Strategy: Success is about the allocation of resources, whether that is time, talent, or materials. To be successful, organizations must look beyond the day-to-day operations and focus on business goals for next month, next year, and beyond. Kevin is a Lean-Six-Sigma Greenbelt, certified by the Juran Institute. That gives him the tools and skills to help organizations create effective, measurable plans to prioritize their investments of time, talent, and capital.

Marketing: Kevin’s extensive marketing know-how allows him to build omni-channel marketing plans that reinforce the brand at every customer touchpoint, from face-to-face conversations to online marketing, print, web, social media, and everything in between. Kevin has led teams that built innovative marketing strategies for recruiting physicians, building volume for a cancer program, launching a new brand and hospital affiliation, and recruiting new foster parents.

Fundraising: Kevin has spent the majority of his career working side-by-side with fundraisers. He understands the donor cycle and the important role that communications plays in keeping donors engaged and satisfied that their donations make a difference. An award-winning writer, Kevin can easily shift voice and tone and is comfortable writing for CEOs and board members or font-line staff.

Crisis Communications: no matter how good the organization, sometimes bad things happen: hurricanes, employee theft, unexpected death, investigations, or corporate mismanagement. Kevin has seen and dealt with it all. He is a graduate of the executive education programs run by Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and has been trained by FEMA as a public information officer. When crises come, Kevin knows how to win public and media trust and minimize brand and reputation damage.

Public Relations: creating strategies that build an organization’s reputation and reinforce its branding through earned media is one of Kevin’s specialties. By focusing on thematic message crafting, he builds bridges with news outlets and ensures that messages cut through the clutter of the daily news.

Government Relations: with a strong understanding of how government functions and experience working with legislators and staff at both the state and national levels, Kevin brings clarity to legislative communications. Working with him, organizations can help elected officials understand important issues in the most straightforward manner.

Employee Communications: to the community, employees are an organization’s face. Solid employee communications helps make employees effective ambassadors. Kevin was a driving force in creating a nationally recognized employee communications system that ensures that management speaks with one clear voice and provides employees with the tools they need to carry messages into the community.

Website Development: from the most basic WordPress sites (like this one) to elaborate sites with siders, parallax scrolling, layers, and tagged content, Kevin has built several sites himself and led the process for building others. Kevin can write basic HTML, is comfortable building and customizing WordPress themes, and knows his  way around content management systems of all stripes from open-source systems like Drupal to high-end systems like Sitecore.