My Work

Here are a few samples of Kevin Robinson’s work. Contact him to see a more complete portfolio.


Here are two recent videos for which Kevin served as the executive producer. The first was designed to help prospective foster parents understand that becoming a foster parent is not just for saints and super parents.

The second video boosted Berkshire Farm Center’s fundraising for its workforce development program by an additional $40,000, a net gain in excess of $25,000.

Annual Reports:


Berkshire Farm Center, 2016

Kevin cut the cost of producing this report in half over previous years and created a compelling book that celebrates Berkshire Farm Center’s 130th Anniversary.


Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC)

This annual report, created for SVHC, picks up a central marketing theme — highlighting a partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock — and carries it through the full publication.



Annual Plant Sale

This was a low-budget, direct mail piece designed to drive traffic to Berkshire’s annual plant sale, its biggest public fundraiser. This piece and an associated print ad increased revenue at the event by $14,000, more than covering its cost. It ran in conjunction with Facebook advertising.



This one of two bookmarks designed as companion pieces for Berkshire’s annual report and to accompany its annual fundraising letter.


Print Ads and Posters

This is one of a series of posters drawn from a newspaper advertising campaign for Southwestern Vermont Health Care. Kevin’s team placed the posters throughout the organization in high-traffic areas to reinforce the print campaign with both employees and visitors.

Public Relations

Here are a few examples of Kevin’s writing,  ghostwriting, and public relations work.

Kevin composed this op-ed in response to a news article that characterized a statement by the hospital CEO “running down the local school system.” This op-ed changed the town conversation and created several follow-up opinion pieces from the newspaper and other editorial writers. The work earned an all-New England award for public relations writing.
Education Op-Ed

This press release was part of a crisis communications effort after an unexpected death in the hospital. The release effectively prevented federal regulators from releasing information on their own and allowed Kevin’s team to gain control of the news. Later, regulators praised the release for its transparency and said that it factored in their decision not to impose sanctions.
ER Crisis Press Release

In addition to public relations, Kevin has a deep interest and background in technology writing, particularly biology and medical technology. Kevin spent a decade writing for two trade journals that covered the laser industry: Photonics Spectra and Biophotonics International. This is a combination of a few articles from that work.
Scientific Journalism


Kevin has spent his entire career working closely with fundraisers in non-profit organizations. He understands fundraising strategy, and how to craft meaningful fundraising communications. Here are sample fundraising pieces created for Berkshire Farm using only internal resources.

The Holiday Angel appeal targets small donors to help ensure that the youth in care at Berkshire have a happy holiday. Kevin wrote and designed the piece.
Holiday Angel 2016 

Kevin wrote and designed The Making Memories appeal to targeted employee donors by  email. This a non-html composite Kevin created to facilitate his html coding.
Making Memories Appeal

Berkshire’s fall appeal also focused on raising donations without a significant investment in printed materials. We sent a letter and the bookmark above to our most significant group of donors. Here is Kevin’s favorite version of the letter.
Berkshire 2016 Appeal